Thursday, 28 July 2016

Eiger Adventures...

Getting Off Flat Street...

Photo: Finalcrux Films
"...The Paraclimb of the Eiger went in the main as I hoped it might, except for the moment committing to the final ice field below the summit. It was the moment that I knew would differentiate my ability to commit to something life threatening for the sake of others versus committing only for myself. 

I nearly never went for it, struggling to justify the risk to myself, but when I asked John and Jay if they really wanted this enough to risk it all, they simply said yes. And that is what it was all about: Facilitating the choice for others to engage and enjoy the risks of alpine climbing, 'disabled' or not.

leading John. a blind climber and my autistic friend Jay attached to him with my best mate Colin, attached to Alex, a climber with MS, we began the final 300ft journey overlooking the exposed 6,000ft  North Face below our feet at an altitude of 13,000ft . All a little surreal..."

Photo: Finalcrux Films